About Us

The Vermont camping association (VCA) is an association of owners, directors and camp staff working with organized youth camps.  Some VCA camps are also members of the American Camp Association (ACA) and meet rigid ACA standards for accreditation. Camps in Vermont serve children from all over the world and provide:

  • Variety - each camp is unique in philosophy, location, program, facilities, and staffing;
  • Commitment - VCA members are dedicated to quality camping and the health and well-being of each child;
  • Social Development - Making friends, being a member of the community, developing leadership skills and independence are all part of the Vermont camping experience;
  • Education - Children have new experiences which they are not likely to have at home or school that promote life-long learning, enhanced recreational skills, and enrich their quality of life.

We welcome all members of the youth camping community to join the VCA. We meet 3-4 times per year to discuss issues related to operating summer camps, such as programming, marketing, legislative issues, staff education, camper recruitment, camper and parent relations. The VCA sponsors this website, a quarterly newsletter, legislative lobbying efforts and representation in national camping organizations.

Camp and individual memberships are very reasonable in cost. Its easy to join, just email our Membership Chair Marnie Williams.

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